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see gallery Digital art Digital art

It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s about processing and other digital experiments. The human and material are still present. For this gallery as well as others, except very few exceptions, all sources and digital tools are from my own pictures.

see gallery Walls landscapes Walls landscapes

Landscape compositions from photographs... with elements that have nothing to do with the landscape. Walls, stains, various materials...

see gallery Mineral expression Mineral expression

Anthropomorphism and pareidolia in the mineral world. By the same principle as the plant gallery, faces and bodies appear in the stone or walls. The pictures are softly or strongly retouched, to increase their expression.

see gallery Selfportraits - disfiguration Selfportraits - disfiguration

Series of portraits (mis) treated digitally. Mixture of pictures of material, human, mineral and plants. I started these attempts to disfigurement by myself, because it simply easier to experiment on oneself than on others!

see gallery Volunteers to disfiguration Volunteers to disfiguration

Some who are sensitive to my personal disfigurement, asked me to do the same with their own portraits. This gallery is the result of this work. You can also contact me if you\'re tempted ...

see gallery Plant holding Plant holding

Anthropomorphism and pareidolia in the plant world. You\'ve never seen faces in tree trunks or roots? Me I do! Some of these pictures are very softly retouched, some are strongly retouched, always in the way of what I seen when I shot.

see gallery Pareidolia Pareidolia

This gallery is devoted to pareidolia (type of illusion that makes a visual stimulus generally, vague or ambiguous, is perceived by a person as clear and distinct and is close to a physical form unknown). No processing !

see gallery Driftwood Driftwood

Anthropomorphism and pareidolia with driftwood. The forms of drifwood are so evocative that this material has long been used by artists for many creations. My work extends this artistic approach ... with my pictures of driftwood digitally manipulated.

see gallery Photography Photography

This gallery is devoted to traditional photography.

see gallery Special formats and various Special formats and various

Small formats, prints and particular formats